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Not Your Mother’s Smartphone

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I got my mom an Android phone. She was ready for a replacement for a trusty four-year-old Motorola Razor.  A Samsung Galaxy S, no less.  She decided to stay with AT&T.  For the worst carrier ever, it’s not that bad.

When I picked Android for her, what was I thinking? That I was getting me one and it would be easier to answer her question as we were both learning same obscure features. That I could use a guinea pig in this somewhat non–traditional customer demographic.

Magnetic Core Memory

Magnetic Core Memory

Now, my mom’s smart.  She gets that from me. She’s not a rocket scientist, she’s a nuclear engineer (kinda). She’d been using computers for forty years, starting with the ones that had memory cores.

Mom’s also hardworking. That’s her own thing. I figured she’d read the manual but she did not. Guess more smart than hardworking.

It only took her a couple of days to figure out how to make a phone call.  Another week, and she could answer one. One thing she had learned was that pressing a button on a touchscreen harder does not make it respond faster.  The screen did not crack in the process – kudos to Samsung. The other day she heard that there were ‘apps’ one could load onto the phone.  She’ll try that soon, maybe even this year.

Do I wish I bought mom an iPhone?  Neah, she’s cool already.

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