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Life After Wal-Mart


Wal-Mart via Wikipedia

A Wal-Mart store moves into a small Texas town and local retailers are devastated, a well documented phenomena.  But which businesses remain and thrive along the Main Street?

Several law offices around the corner from the courthouse and a solitary insurance agent. A bail bondsman further down the street and a pawn shop in an alley leading to a bus station.  An auto parts store next to a glass shop, another block away.  And a barber shop.

Barber Pole © Creighton Matthews

Barber Pole © Creighton Matthews

Not one of those beauty salons where ladies have their hair done. The salons moved to the mall by the interstate, between a pizza chain and a cineplex. This is a proper barber shop with a striped red, white and blue pole outside, a place where guys go to get a cut.

The fellows seated inside looked like they were connected or belonged to a fraternal organization or simply prone to hoarding automatic weapons. This was one business not going to be outsourced to Shanghai. I walked away in a hurry.

Wal-Mart is easy to hate. It’s certainly big enough, employing two million people and with sales of over a hundred billion a quarter, bigger than the economy of Venezuela.  Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s.

BTW, check out Creighton’s beautiful photos.

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