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Breaking Bad Software

Chest X-ray

Lung Cancer

Disclaimer: This post is Rated R due to adult situations.

I get my advice about movies and TV shows from my hairdresser.  It tends to be good advice.  It helps that she teaches film history at a State University (no kidding).

So, she told me about Breaking Bad.  In case you’ve been panning for gold in the Amazon for the past two years, it’s about a highschool Chemistry teacher who’s dying of lung cancer and sets up a lab for cooking meth, in order to provide for his family. A pitiful character, professor material stuck teaching highschool, with a teenage son with a disability and a bitchy wife, who’s pregnant.  Many guys can relate to this.

The show in my opinion is good, tightly written, main characters are well cast and  played.  First two seasons are out on DVD, go see it.

But, that  plot started me thinking. What’s an equivalent strategy for a computer guy, in a similar situation? Do something fashionable, Black Hat Social SEO? Run a Facebook scam with CPALead?

Could one rob a bank electronically, or is that only possible in stupid movies? Damn – should I Google that last one, ‘rob bank electronically?’ Is Echelon still running?

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