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Dead Kidnapped Germans Own Trader

Trader Joe's Storefront

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Bet that got your attention.


I’m talking about my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s. Turns out it’s owned by German billionaire brothers, Theo and Karl Albrecht, whose claim to fame and fortune is a chain of some 2400 discount  supermarket stores in Europe, named Aldi. They bought Trader’s in 1979 from some Joseph Coulombe. There was never a Joe.

To clarify, of the two Albrecht brothers, Theo is recently deceased at 88. Karl, who was kidnapped back in 1971, to the tune of $2 million, is alive and worth tens of billions.

Will these revelations change whether I shop at Trader’s for life’s essentials – chocolate covered cherries from Hungary, Mediterranean humus with pine nuts, Manchego cheese from Spain? I cannot help it and will keep going back.

Theo Albrecht
Theo Albrecht

I dislike large malls, purveyors of retail entertainment the size of a community college campus. Do we really buy that much stuff? But Trader’s stores are smaller than a typical supermarket, and people who work there are weird in a pleasant way. They are kinda cute with the whole casual dress and organic eco-friendly thing.  And they smile a bunch and I think they mean it.  The prices are not as incredibly low as they used to be a decade ago, but low enough to get me in the door at least once a week.  Thanks, Theo, and good bye.


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