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Coffee Good, Sweet

Cup of coffee

Via Wikipedia

Drinking coffee late at night may not be such a good idea, but we can talk about it, again.

I used to feel guilty about putting a spoon of sugar into my morning coffee. You heard all the talk about “sweet poison.” But no more. According to latest reasearch I was simply enhancing my “cognitive performance in terms of sustained attention and working memory.”  And I did not need brain scans to figure that out.

Some people suggest skipping coffee all together and doing prescription drugs.  I’ll stick to a nice steaming cup of the black brew, milk and sugar, and damn purists.

There is a nice indie coffee shop in my neighborhood.  They are proud of not being a chain, and give away white on black bumper stickers, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks.” I love the café ambiance of mismatched furniture and peeling paint.  Chirping voices of young things serving coffee and drinking it are wonderful.  Unfortunately their coffee is even bitterer than Starbucks.

Mello Cup
So ’70s.

There are worse choices.  Here’s a fine example  (from a motel room) of a product from an institutional coffee vendor, founded  in 1912 and looking it.

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