Red-necked Wallaby

Wallaby via Wikipedia

Whatever, like you care.

I can think faster than I can talk or write. My memory is like a steel trap, rusted open.  Stuff floats in and out freely, but occasionally something gets snagged. I often write about stuff I know little about.  It’s easier that way.  But as a result I Google a lot, like a Panda. The name I use may sound like wallaby, a marsupial.  Sorry about that.

Do you care about my experience as a blogger? Getting a blog started has been a surprisingly protracted process, compared with what I imagined – create an account and start typing. For a computer guy it should be simple, right?  It’s been a couple of weeks now and I do get by with what I already know but I’m still unhappy about the looks of it and somewhat stymied about how to improve or promote it.

A terrible thing about a blog is that it tells you how many visitors you got, day by day.  Zero is a very lonely number. Getting readership is tricky.  Not like I have a single theme to this blog, and a popular one at that. Even friends are not particularly interested.  They are not flocking in droves to read every word I post within minutes of it going live, but take their time and take a peek days or weeks later, maybe.

Posts so far have come out as bunches of random musing and rambling.  This writing thing is hard, when one has a standard of big ‘literature’ in mind.  Blogging was supposed to be easier, less demanding, a way for me to get the writing bug out, a chance to practice stringing words together before attempting ‘real’ stuff. But once you start doing something this involved and time-consuming, it takes on a life of its own. So, here I am, still blogging.

At times I like writing about technology and computers, having been in the field for decades. Yet, I’m a very late adopter of latest techno gizmos, iPods and cell phones and flat screen TVs. Way on the trailing edge, on the verge of being left behind the norm of what’s decent and respectable. Better a late adopter than not an adopter at all, I suppose.

Big Bee

Big Bee

To my fellow bloggers and other curious and misguided souls, I’d like to offer little tidbits of trivia and hints that I am discovering along the way. For example, if you want the Twitter widget to fetch your tweets, make sure they are available publicly, in Profile/Account/Tweet Privacy. Appstally I like using Zemanta for suggestions of pictures to include in my posts.


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  • Katie Davis

    Some dude in my web design class turned me on to your site. I was tickled by your take on “Someone moved my Cheese” I enjoyed the narrative as well, partly because I was sucking down beers at an airport bar in Chicago at the time. I do agree- the message is pretty common sense and could have been condensed- but the mice really sell it. Keep on blogging. I love your stuff:)

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