Fellows in Time

Machine of the Year

Machine of the Year

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook was inducted into perhaps the most exclusive club in the world, thanks to Time Magazine. This group includes present day political biggies Obama and Putin, both Bushes and Clinton. But also the list has the Pope and the Queen, FDR and JFK, Hitler and Stalin, Churchill and Gandhi. 

It’s an interesting historic arc, from the aviation pioneer Charles ‘Lucky’ Lindberg, who in 1927 was the first, and at 25 still the youngest person selected by Time, to the awkward billionaire Zuckerberg, picked in 2010 at 26 years of age. What does that say about what we value and who we admire?

Another arc leading to Facebook started in 1982, when Time picked The Computer for the annual distinction, followed by Andy Grove of Intel in 1997 and Jeff Bezos of Amazon in 1999. Apple marketing magician Steve Jobs did not make The List, though he was on the cover of Time a bunch of times, first in 1982 and most recently in April 2010. Microsoft’s chief nerd Bill Gates only squeezed in through his charitable work, in 2005, together with wife Melinda and singer Bono.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Zuck made it.  We have still have ways to go.

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2 responses to “Fellows in Time

  • Muse Dawnola

    “We still have a way to go.” I ask ‘where, go where?’ Dawn

  • wallybee

    It’s an individual choice – what to make of it and what to do with that perception. Though we also choose as groups and as a species.
    To a friend it sounded like a Zen koan. To me it was interesting to consider a spectrum between Zuck The Computer and Lindberg and Gandhi.
    Cannot help being curious about what’s next, where to now.

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